Taking Your Dog Along When Dining Out

By Hope Bidegainberry on July 30, 2019
Family in a restaurant with their pet dog, Jack Russell Terrier. Senior man, senior woman and a girl, all Caucasian.

Don’t want to leave your furry friend behind when dining out?! Well, below is a list of restaurants you can take your dog to for some grub:

East Bay

  1. Speisekammer Restaurant in Alameda
  2. Dragon Rouge in Alameda
  3. Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar in Dublin
  4. Grease Box in Oakland

San Francisco

  1. Ottimista Cafe on Union Street

The Coast

  1. La Costanera in Montara


  1. Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside

North Bay

  1. Casa Manana in San Rafael
  2. Mutt Lynch Winery in Windsor
  3. Ray’s Delicatessen and Tavern in Petaluma


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