Target Is Already Selling Halloween Stuff

By Hope Bidegainberry on July 17, 2019
Happy group of friends having fun wearing costumes at a Halloween party

It’s July 17th, so you know what that means:  Halloween!

Believe it or not, you can already order your Halloween stuff from Target, and it’s not just last year’s stuff that they’ve still got sitting in a warehouse, either . . . a lot of it is new stuff for Halloween 2019 that’s listed with a release date of August 22nd.

Target isn’t the only one who’s already in Halloween mode.  Yesterday, the website released the results of their 2019 “Halloween in America” survey.

Because you’re SO curious in mid-July, they found 34% of adults think kids should start trick-or-treating alone at age 11 . . . one in seven would wear a sexy Halloween costume to a work event . . . and one in three will dress their pet in a costume.

Can’t wait to start telling you about Christmas trends next week, and Valentine’s Day trends on September 2nd. 

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