The pros and cons of letting your dog sleep in your bed

By on September 8, 2019

Many dog owners let their dog(s) sleep in their bed.  There is a split opinion on this.  I used to let my dog sleep in my bed but no longer let her do it.  I actually got better sleep with her in the bed BUT she did shed and it started to smell like dog obviously which I did not enjoy.

I looked on the internet about the pros and cons of letting your dog sleep in your bed and here’s a quick summary:



They give you comfort

They relieve insomnia

Snuggling with them relieves stress and anxiety

They provide warmth

They help fight depression

They make you feel safe

You comfort your dog too



Pee pee accidents

Dog hair shedding

If the dog is small you can roll over them


It can aggravate your allergies

You may have a hard time re-training them to sleep on the floor or their crate


Regardless of your choice to let your dog sleep on your bed or not it is totally your prerogative and as long as you’re happy then who cares what others say!

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