The Safest Food To Buy At An Airport Is…

By 965koit on March 27, 2019
Information Sign – Food Court and shopping

When you find yourself in the airport for a few hours and your stomach starts to rumble because you skipped breakfast, what should you eat? According to a group of foodies the best and safest thing to buy is Chicken Nuggets. Yes, chicken nuggets. There are actually a few pretty good reasons for this too.

  1. All of the food and drinks and snacks are all WAY over priced but there are a few fast food places that offer 10 nuggets for cheap.
  2. Although it’s highly processed and THAT’S not very healthy, it’s also not going to have any contaminants in it that could make you sick while you’re traveling.
  3. If you need to grab something and run to the plane, what’s more portable and easy to eat in line than chicken nuggets?

On top of all those great reasons the big one is


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