The Winchester House Movie

By Hope Bidegainberry on November 14, 2017

During the Summer Kristen drove down to San Jose to check out the Winchester Mystery House. We were so blown away by how cool and creepy the whole thing was! The story behind the house is really interesting and as we were getting the tour we questioned why no one had made a movie about this place. Thats when the person giving us the tour said “they are” and then he turned into a bat and flew away. IT WAS AMAZING! Ok, so that didn’t happen but it would have been really cool. We walked through the many rooms that were made and foudn doors that led to 20 foot drops, and stairs that went to no where. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out then now is the time! They have a really cool tour going on now that you can take at NIGHT! So if you like being scared out of your mind, this might be the thing for you.

They just released the trailer for the movie that they made about the house and it look pretty scary! Have you ever been to the house?


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