There are so many ways to listen to the Bay Area’s Official Christmas Music Station

By 965koit on November 21, 2019

Hey it is Teri and it’s here!  We’ve launched our 24 hour Christmas music.  We hope you’re enjoying all your favorite Christmas songs.  There are so many different ways to listen, check it out.


If you’re in the car or have a radio and you live in the bay area, tune to 96.5 FM KOIT

You can also download the 96.5 KOIT app and have Christmas Music on your phone 24/7

You can stream 96.5 KOIT at work easily from your computer Click here to connect

And remember, your smart speaker can connect you to the Bay area’s official Christmas Music station.  Just say “Listen to 96 point 5 K O I T”

Stay with us this holiday season and enjoy all your favorite Christmas songs.  We wish you and your family and friends love and joy this season. ~ Teri


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