Thought I was Irish but I’m Mostly…

By 965koit on January 11, 2018

Awhile back I decided that I wanted to get to know my background more so I got a test.

When I first got the kit, I was nervous. I thought you just needed to swab your cheek but nope, you have to spit into a test tube!

It actually was really easy and had really detailed instructions on how to do it. Once I was done, I just popped it into the mailbox and then, I waited.

A few weeks later I got email saying my results were in! I thought I was mostly Irish but it turns out I’m mostly German, I showed my parents my results and they told me about relatives I use to have in the Czech Republic which also explains my results. This was a super fun way of getting to know my heritage better. If you want order a test, visit

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