Toddler Shreds Over $1,000 in Cash

By 965koit on October 5, 2018

Be careful what you teach the kiddos how to do. This toddler had been helping his mom shred junk mail and decided to take matters into his own hands when he found an envelope filled with over $1,000 in cash.

Ben and Jackee Belnap of Utah had been saving money to pay back Ben’s parents for University of Utah football season tickets. They had the $1,060 ready in an envelope but were left searching the home when it disappeared over the weekend. They tore the house apart and then Jackee found the money…in the shredder.

As the couple emptied the container, their money tumbled out like confetti. OH NO.

“We just, for like five minutes, we just shuffled through it, not talking,” Jackee told KSL, a CNN affiliate. “We didn’t know what to do and then I broke the silence and I’m like, ‘Well, this will make a great wedding story one day.'”

A great story indeed especially because the couple has hope to get their money back. They can submit the money to the US Department of Treasury Mutilated Currency Division for exchange.

As for their toddler son, Leo, he’s banned from using the shredder.

You can read more about it here.

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