The “Toys “R” Us” Sales Have Begun Annnnd Their GONE!

By 965koit on April 10, 2018

Over the weekend Kristen and I went shopping in San Pablo when we remembered that Toys “R” Us would be closing soon. So we drove by and saw the signs for the Store Closing Sale and decided to go in. Who wouldn’t want to get a good deal on some toys? As soon as we walked in we realized it was already too late…

The store had been picked clean and there were only about 4 isles left of things. Toys no one wanted were scattered all over the shelves and floor and people were walking around sifting through it all. Of course I had flashbacks of when I would go to Toys “R” Us when I was a kid and how there were toys everywhere and how I wanted them all! But the truth was, my family could never afford anything from there so I rarely walked out with anything. So I grabbed a couple Superman and Star Wars stickers and said goodbye.


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