Trick-Or-Treating guidelines you need to know

By 965koit on October 24, 2019
Kids trick or treat on Halloween night. Child and mother at decorated house door. Boy and girl in witch and vampire costume and hat with candy bucket and pumpkin lantern. Woman with sweets.

Times have changed since we were all kids. Trick-Or-Treating isn’t as easy as it once was. Now there are rules and expectations that aren’t as universal as you might think. You may have been violating one of these unwritten rules for years! That could be the very reason that Richard and Lucy down the street stopped coming to your potluck parties. You’re a rude Trick-Or-Treater and the whole neighborhood knows it.

Okay, it’s probably not that dramatic, but these are good things to know before you and your tiny superhero hit the streets.

  • It’s usually one candy per kid per house. They may offer you more, if that’s the case then you can take one or two more pieces. Don’t dip your whole hand up to your elbow into the bowl.
  • Make your decision quickly. Some times the candy giver will hold out the bowl for you to choose a candy. Don’t spend all day debating which side of the Twix you want, just grab something and move along.
  • Say thank you EVERY time. Just because you’re dressed like Darth Vader doesn’t mean you can forget your manners. Even Vader thanks people when they give him candy.
  • If the front door light is off, they don’t have candy. Either they skipped it this year or they ran out. When the light is out, skip the house.
  • Don’t touch their decorations. Sure, it can be tempting to see if that skeleton is real or not, but that doesn’t mean you can play with it.
  • Wear a costume. This is the ONE requirement of trick-or-treating. Even if you have to dress is all white and go as the ghost of YOU, at least put a little effort in.
  • For the Parents – Go over all of this with your kids and remember that it’s their night. So don’t spend an hour talking to your neighbor about the last episode of Friends. You’re on candy duty!

May you have a great and safe Halloween and get all the full size candy bars you can!


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