I Tried Archery, and Here’s How it Went

By 965koit on May 29, 2018

Over the weekend, Nick and I thought we would try something different and fun. Learning archery has been on his bucket list for years, so we thought we would finally cross it off.

We went to Pacifica Archery in Daly City. CJ was our instructor and got us all set up.

She taught us how to use proper form.

Then we were off and running! It took a second to get used to it all, but I ended up doing pretty good!

I was as shocked as you are!

But in true Kristen form, I smacked one of the bow’s strings against my arm, and now I have a HUGE bruise.

All in all, it was a TON of fun. We can’t wait to go back and try it again.

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