Volunteering at Second Harvest Food Bank in San Jose! Join us and help feed families in need, here at home.

By 965koit on March 27, 2018

This month some of our staff here at KOIT went to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties to help out.  SHFB is an amazing 75,000 square foot facility where millions of pounds of produce come through to help families in need.  They rescue bruised and nicked produce that the supermarkets don’t want and sort for families.  Much of the produce is still in great shape.  If the food has spoiled they forward it to the farms for the pigs, nothing is wasted here.  I’ve enclosed a few pictures of our day.  We encourage you to reach out, perhaps with your office and donate some time at the Second Harvest Food Bank and help sort produce.  Sign up here https://www.shfb.org/volunteer

Sorting through apples!

that’s a lot of apples!  let’s get sorting!

Once food is sorted, it gets loaded into these trucks and head to the distribution centers.

Thanks KOIT for sorting 6800 pounds of apples!  Hey, one more thing before you go….


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