Volunteers To Cuddle Shelter Puppies!

By Hope Bidegainberry on May 2, 2019
Portrait of a happy boy outdoors hugging a beautiful dog – lifestyle concepts

A new volunteer job?! Unfortunately it’s in the Tampa Bay branch of the Humane Society. They recently introduced some new, highly specialized positions that need to be filled. They have been hiring people to snuggle with dogs. The organization is looking for people to spend time with their shelter dogs in order to keep them company.

They created this position as a way to help soothe dogs who are coming out of surgery. Human affection can have a healing impact on dogs who have undergone something traumatic. Having a human nearby can make a dogs recovery process much quicker and easier. As most people love spending time with dogs, this is a win-win situation.

Who wants to volunteer opportunity to come to the Bay Area?!

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