Ways To Exercise Your Dog While Limiting Time Outside

By Hope Bidegainberry on April 16, 2020
I always will be near with you. Beagle dog lies on the yoga mat when his owner makes yoga exercises

If social distancing is making you a little stir-crazy, just think about your furry friend.

Cats and dogs can experience boredom as well. Having you home all of the time might make them more inclined to lounge around all day.

You might want to be establishing a new routine and healthy habits while at home. 

Here’s a few tips and tricks about how exercising your pet while keeping outside time to a minimum:

  1. Teach an old dog (or cat) some new tricks.
  2. Give them their own designated space.
  3. Play some mind games.
  4. Address and correct any repeat bad behaviors.
  5. Make the most of your walks.
  6. Take breaks for cuddles.
  7. Get them a fun toy to pass the time.

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