We Tried The Oscar Mayer Ice Cream

By 965koit on August 27, 2019

You may remember a few weeks ago that Oscar Mayer released their own Ice Cream that was indeed HOT DOG Ice Cream flavored.

Naturally I’m a very curious person who is down to try weird foods at least once so I DM’d them asking how I could get my hands on a few sandwiches. Yes, I slid into Oscar Mayer’s DM’s.

They ended up holding a contest where you just submitted your email address, name, and address. Well…

I won! How? Who knows but I’ll take it. About a week later the moment we’ve all been waiting for happened.

Now it’s time for the big reveal. I couldn’t do it alone so I recruited Freska to join me.

Overall thoughts: I forgot that the sides were separated. Surprisingly the hot dog side wasn’t bad just a little too sweet for me, actually. I am not a dijon mustard fan at all and that side was just a big NOPE for me. If the ice cream was laying around the office and I really wanted something sweet, I’d definitely eat the sweet cream hot dog side again…I wouldn’t touch the spicy dijon mustard gelato at all. If you love hot dogs and more importantly dijon mustard, you’ll like it. As for me, I’ll continue going to CREAM and getting my Cup Of Joe chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.

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