My Week Long Punishment

By 965koit on March 30, 2018

Kristen and I are married and have been doing a morning show together for over 5 years now. We have a system in place to make our lives a little easier and fair. Each day one of us will get up earlier than the other, shower, get ready and then do all the morning chores. Which includes cleaning the litter boxes for our 3 cats, washing the dishes in the sink, preparing lunches and making breakfast.

Since there are 5 days in a week one of us has to do 3 days while the other does 2. So we alternate weeks so that it’s fair to each of us. On Sunday afternoon we had lunch at Red Robin and Kristen ended up with a giant pepper on her plate. Thats when the BET was made and I lost. For the entire week I had to get up early and do all the chores and make breakfast and Kristen got to sleep in EVERY DAY. Now that week is over and I get to sleep in again!

You can see the bet below and watch Kristen suffer through the pain just so she can win this weird bet.

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