What’s the Most Popular Valentine’s Day Candy?

By Hope Bidegainberry on February 14, 2020
Heart chocolate box and red roses on wooden rustic background

It is good that heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are popular for Valentine s Day. Because the people making them probably have a hard time selling them the rest of the year.

CandyStore.com just released the results of a study that found the most popular Valentine’s Day candy in every state. The results are based on 12 years of sales data, so they’re working with a serious sample size.

And heart-shaped boxes of chocolates won the most states overall, with 18 states and Washington D.C. (California was one of the states).

Conversation hearts came in second, winning 14 states. But their popularity has gone off a cliff in the past few years.

M&M’s in Valentine’s Day colors came in third, with eight states . . . Hershey’s Kisses won five states . . . chocolate hearts won three . . . and chocolate roses won two.

Candy necklaces also won one state . . . Alabama.

What’s your favorite candy to receive?

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