Whelp! I’m Never Getting Food Delivered Again.

By 965koit on December 17, 2018
Shot of an unrecognizable delivery man receiving payment from a female customer for her takeaway

If you enjoy not having to put on pants and getting your food delivered to you by someone you don’t know, then you may not want to watch this video. Up until about 5 minutes ago when I watched this video I never even second guessed getting my food delivered. In fact, the people at Grubhub and Postmates know me by name! However, I must say goodbye to them and to anyone else that wants to bring me food that I don’t know personally.

In the video below a onlooker caught a delivery man in India taking a few bites of his customers food, putting the lid back on and then placing it back in the bag like it never happened. Then he grabs another item and opens that one and steals a few bites. Honestly, it’s the second bite that crosses the line. The first bite is from a fresh fork but the second bite contains a bit of spit from your mouth that has now contaminated the rest of the food. Gross.

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