Why Are People CHUGGING Pickle Juice?

By 965koit on April 3, 2019
Baby size pickles.

It happens to all of us, we reach down into that cold jar full of pickle juice and grab that last pickle floating in there. After you finish that delicious pickle the only thing left to do is chug the juice right? GROSS! Believe it or not fitness fanatics swear by it.

MMA fighters, marathon runners and other fitness fans say that chugging a big glass of pickle juice after a great workout actually helps re-hydrate the body and help you recover quicker. A store in New York actually sells jars of it to people every day. They are calling it a natural form of Gatorade because it contains a lot of sodium and potassium. Drinking it after a hard workout helps to put your body back into balance and can prevent cramping.

Although they do say that if you have a heart condition then drinking it will be REALLY bad for you because of that high level of sodium. But if you are healthy and you don’t mind the bitter bite of pickle juice, CHUG AWAY!


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