Why Is Everyone Mad At This Bride-To-Be?

By 965koit on August 7, 2019

This bride posted a picture of her budget online and people are losing their minds over it. She wanted to stay under her budget of $10,000 and she totally accomplished that! In fact, she was $2000 under which is awesome. However, some people are looking at the things she is spending money on and they are outraged.

The budget was $10,000 and this is how she is spending it.

Guest count: 150

Caterer: $400 – Not doing food just cake, cupcakes and popcorn.

Dress & Veil: $1200

Bridesmaid Dresses (3): $70

Shoes for Bridesmaids: $200

Decorations: $1000

Location: Family church

Engagement Party: Not having one

Bridal Shower: Not having one

Bachelorette Party: $200

Rehearsal Dinner: $300

DJ: Not having one

Photographer: $1400

Videographer: $1200

Alcohol: None

Planner: None


Most people are upset that she is paying so much for a photographer and not providing food for her guests. They are also mad she spent so much money on her dress but won’t pay for a DJ. I’m totally on the brides side for this! Why is everyone so upset?! It’s her wedding day so of course she wants to look pretty & she wants someone to capture the moment in a picture. She doesn’t have to feed you or entertain you. Weddings are for celebrating the couple and if you are just going so you can get free food and get drunk then maybe you shouldn’t go.

Also, let’s be honest. Any bride will tell you that $1200 is not “a lot” to spend on a wedding dress. Plus playing $1400 for a photographer is a STEAL. She definitely is budgeting for the things she finds important but she isn’t splurging on them. So the fact that so many people are upset by this is crazy.

Do you feel like it’s her duty to provide her guests with food and entertainment? You can see some of the responses in the original story HERE. 

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