Why we have a purple Thanksgiving turkey

By 965koit on November 13, 2019
The purple turkey (Photo Credit: Kristen Flowers)

Last Thanksgiving I was in the hospital because of my pregnancy with Lilly.

Kristen eating dinner in the hospital. (Photo Credit: Nick Steele)

Nick was super adorable and made a Thanksgiving dinner and brought it to me. It was super delicious, but maybe that was just because I had been eating hospital food for 3-weeks straight.

Nick and Thanksgiving. (Photo Credit: Kristen Flowers)

The turkey was great, but because of the hospital stay, it was not our normal purple turkey.

Yes, we eat a purple turkey for Thanksgiving.

What’s the origin story of the purple turkey, well sit down, and prepare yourself for a little Thanksgiving story.

Every year we have the same old turkey in our house and every year it’s just a little dry no matter what we do.

A few years ago, we decided to marinade our turkey before Thanksgiving to guarantee that it was juicy and delicious. This 12-pound turkey sat in a mixture of olive oil, garlic, rosemary and red wine for 2 whole days.

So how did we end up with a purple turkey, you ask?

The turkey skin sucked up all the red wine and turned our bird a lovely shade of vino.

Purple Turkey (Photo Credit: Kristen Flowers)

But the real question is, was it tasty?

It totally was! I was pretty sure the flavor of the wine was going to take over the taste of the turkey but there was only a hint of the flavor present which was perfect.

The purple turkey was a success and now I’m thinking a red or blue turkey might be on the menu for this year.

This story just reminds you to never judge a turkey by the color of its meat!

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