Will Banning Cell Phones Stop Bullying?

By 965koit on September 4, 2018

France thinks it will. The entire country has banned cell phones, tablets and smart watches from primary and junior schools. The goal is to stop bullying and falling grades in schools due to all the distractions that come along with having them in schools. Obviously this new law has caused controversy because these devices have become such a big part of all of our lives and a lot of students and parents use them to communicate with each other.

Some parents are on board though saying that school is for studying. The teachers also hope this will encourage the students to get outside and be more active during breaks, instead of glued to their cell phones. Students are already saying that this has been in affect for a while and they still sneak their phones into school. There are always going to find a way to get them in but the ban will definitely reduce the amount of kids with phones.

What do you think? Should California be the next to ban electronics, why or why not?

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