Would You Use a Peanut Butter Pump?

By 965koit on February 19, 2019
PRINCE EDWARD, HONG KONG, KOWLOON – 2018/03/24: Bottles of American Peanut butter brand, Skippy, are displayed for sale at a supermarket in Hong Kong. As United State president Donald Trump signed the bill to increase the trade tariff against Chinese imported product entering the USA. China is responding by increasing trade tariff of American product imported to China. (Photo by Miguel Candela/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Andy Scherer is sick to death of sticking a knife directly into the peanut butter jar!

Enter the peanut butter pump.

He invented it in 2017, but right now it’s on Indiegogo and he hopes to begin distribution in August.

The peanut butter pump will fit most 40-ounce jars, but all you have to do is screw the top into your PB jar and just pump out how much peanut butter you want.

The best part is that the pump scrapes the sides of the jar as you use it so there’s no mess for you.

Would you buy the peanut butter pump


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