Your Ancestry DNA Results May Be Changing

By 965koit on April 30, 2019

Have you sent your DNA to in the past couple of years? The results you got may be wrong! Or at least not as accurate as they can be. just announced that they will be updating the results that a lot of people received soon because they have new information. The more and more people that take the DNA test, the more specific the results will become. So even after they update these results, they may get updated again in 5 years. As long as you didn’t change your whole life based on your results, you should be fine.

However, if you thought you might have been from Ireland and you went out and got a new shamrock tattoo on your ankle then this might be a little devastating. The spokesperson for Ancestry said that this is totally possible. They may discover that you are actually from England instead because of the new information they were able to discover.

I’ve done it and the thing I’ll be watching is my massive amount of cousins. My results came back with almost 50 people being a 3rd or 4th cousin and they are all over the place. Maybe I’ll get MORE cousins? Maybe less? No idea but it should be fun to watch.

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