Your Dream Job Pays $28,000?

By 965koit on March 11, 2019
Shot of a young businessman relaxing at his desk during a late night at work

How would you like to be a part of an experiment? Or as the Swedish government is calling it, an “Art Project”. Sweden will have one person from anywhere in the world take their dream job with a few minor issues.

The job is you wake up, clock in spend the day doing whatever you want, anywhere you want, then at the end of the day you clock out. Sounds amazing right?! Now for the catch. It will only pay you 28,000 a year and you aren’t allowed to have a second job or side-hustle. The goal is show the world how you survive on such little income.

The second catch is that its in Sweden. But if you get the gig you can have it for as long as you want, you’ll get vacation time, an annual 3% pay bump and a retirement plan. Plus you can quit whenever you want. However, you can’t apply until 2025 because the job doesn’t start until 2026.

Could be the perfect retirement job!

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