Your Favorite Dr. Is Back & Mobile

By 965koit on July 11, 2019

Growing up in the 80’s & 90’s was centered around video games and comic books for me. One of the biggest and most addicting games was Dr. Mario. It was the “match 3 colors” game that everyone plays on their phones before we had phones. You toss pills into a Tetris looking playing field and match the colors of the pills so that they would disappear. We were all addicted to Dr. Mario’s pills.

Nintendo has released a new version of Dr. Mario and it’s now in your pocket. As of July 10th you can download it at the App Store on from Google Play. The format looks a little different this time but it’s still just as addicting as it when we were kids. Don’t download it at work because it’s been distracting me from my job all morning. I had to move my phone across the room so I could write this blog. So I’m going to finish this up as quick as possible so I can go play it again.

Here is a video about it! Enjoy! Ok, gotta go kill some viruses.

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