Moraga Landmark In Danger Of Being Demolished

By 965koit on May 2, 2019

There is a famous landmark in Moraga that is in danger of being bulldozed if the property is purchased in time. With the East Bay expected to grow rapidly over the next few years, developers are going to need land. There is a stretch of 84 acres that is still untouched that includes a landmark called “Painted Rock” that will be included in the sale. The original owner of the land passed away in 2014 and the property went on sale for $15 Million. However, the widow of the late owner has decided that she is willing to sell it to the John Muir Land trust for $2 Million.

For decades the students at Campolinda High School have gone out to the sight and painted messages on the rocks. It’s a tradition that they don’t want to see go away when the property is sold for development. If purchased by the John Muir trust they would change the name of the area to Painted Rock Park and keep it the way it is right now. Locals go their for the nature and the hiking trails that the massive property offers.

So far they have raised $1.8 Million dollars for the purchase but have only 30 days to raise the additional $200,000. The deadline is May 31st to make the purchase or else it gets sold for development.

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