My Lovely Pitbull Jada

By Hope Bidegainberry on July 11, 2017

My beautiful American Pitbull Terrior @jadablue_thepitbull! This dog knows when I’m sad, happy or just need a good laugh. Lol. I couldn’t ask for more. She’s an amazing soul and so incredibly loving and loyal. Dogs are as good as you train them to be. Pitbulls are unfortunately mislabeled and is the number one euthanized breed in the nation. It saddens me because published studies show they have great temperaments and very very smart. People make dogs of any breed bad by the way they treat them or care for them or lack there of. Please don’t discriminate my dog just because of the nasty stories you have heard of some HUMAN that trained them to fight or how some irresponsible HUMAN/OWNER who didn’t put their dog through the right behavioral training ended up biting someone. That isn’t the dogs fault. The owner is responsible just as a parent is responsible for their child to be educated, social and behave with manners. IT IS THE HUMAN’s responsibility to give the dog the PROPER training it needs to thrive!! You can train any dog to fight OR NOT!! Ok I’m off my soap box … at least for now. I love you Jada. I think you are wonderful. #pitbulls #bluenosepit#misunderstood #bestbreed #ilovemydog

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