5yr Old Has One Wish Before Brain Surgery

By 965koit on June 11, 2019

5 year old Kyu was born with a condition where the arteries in his brain are all twisted, so he needed surgery to correct it. Last week before he went in for surgery, he wanted to do one thing. He wanted to dance with his grandpa in the refrigerated section of the grocery store.

Apparently, his mom shops for food late at night and there is never anyone in the store so he dances in the aisles. His grandfather flew in from out of state to be there for the surgery and Kyu asked him to dance with him.

So they got out of bed around midnight and headed to the store. That’s when they shot this video of them dancing. Grandpa also shaved the side of his head to look like Kyu who needed it shaved for his surgery.

The next day he went in for his surgery and it was a success. They don’t think he’ll need any more treatments after this and he was back on his feet in a few days dancing away in the aisles!



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