Feel Good Moment Of The Day: “The One That Got Away”

By 965koit on January 8, 2019
Closeup shot of an unrecognizable couple holding hands in comfort

This is a story about the one that got away. 72 year old Barbara was checking out the website classmates.com (remember that?!) and found her ex boyfriend Curtis. They were high school sweethearts but when it was time for college Curtis left to pursue his education. Barbara says they technically never broke up, they just lost touch for about 50 years.

Barbara decided to send Curtis a message and to her surprise he responded right away. Turns out, they were both single and they started talking all the time. Until one day back in August Curtis couldn’t take being away from her anymore and proposed over the phone. She said yes! Last weekend they were married after 50 years of being apart. Barbara says that no one loved her more than Curtis and she feels the same way about him. Even after all these years those feelings haven’t gone away.

For their honeymoon they plan to travel the country in an RV so someone set up a fundraiser to help pay for it. If you want to contribute to it you can search GoFundMe.com and search Barb and Curtis RV fund.

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