What to expect when you go to Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland!

By on October 26, 2019

I just came back from my first visit to Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland! If you’re a Disney Freak like me, you’ll LOVE it! The ride was super fun. I got to fly the Millenium Falcon and I didn’t crash it! Our wait times were under 30 minutes. The “Land” itself is fairly small. You can see it all in an hour or so. We had snacks at Oga’s Cantina. It’s NOT the same Cantina in the earlier Star Wars movies. There is a droid DJ playing music. That’s it! It looks cool but the menu is out of this world. No “earth” food here. We had a Jabba Juice which was basically pineapple juice with some sort of crunchy “orbs” in it. We also ordered some sort of “jello” concoction with dried fruit and like “pop rocks” in it. Pretty gross! If you’re looking for Darth Vader, Princess Lea or Luke Skywalker, you won’t find them here. You’ll have to go to Star Tours for that. You may see storm troopers, Kylo Wren, Chewy and Ray though! All in all, it was fun. They are in the middle of creating another attraction that should be done next year. Go and Enjoy! But don’t plan on a whole day there!

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