Does your dog ignore before you leave the house?

By on January 2, 2020

Everyday when I leave for work my dog Jada really hates it.  I get sad too having to leave her home but it’s been getting really difficult to leave because she refuses to leave my room! lol.  When she is home alone she has to stay in the living room so she doesn’t have free range of the entire house!   That’s the rule and it’s safer for her that way too!

She knows when I’m getting ready.  She watches me put on my make up while she sits either on the floor or on my bed if I’m feeling nice lol.  When she sees me pack up my backpack and grab my keys she hides under my desk as far back into the wall as possible!!  I speak softly sometimes and tell her that I’m sorry I have to leave but that I will be back.  Sometimes I get really annoyed and actually  have to try and scoot her out from underneath my desk and get her to go down the flight of stairs to the living room area.  OMG!  Sometimes I just leave her in the living room as I get ready but she will bark to no end my roommates get a little annoyed with that.

Anyway,  here is an example of the time I finally get her to the living room and Jada pretending not to hear me or my daughter lol!!


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