Adventures at Golden Gate Park 1

By on June 25, 2019

Golden Gate Park is so beautiful!  I’ve been coming here for years.  I am a Bay Area native born in San Francisco and raised in Daly City.  Today I took my pitbull Jada to the windmill for a shot jog.  When we finally parked I could tell she was super excited.  I put her backpack on and loaded it up with my car keys, cell phone, small water bowl and doggie poop bags lol!  I never leave the house without those!

We jogged around for about 20 mins and came across a small lake with ducks and some kind of stork looking bird.  I wish I knew the name of the bird!!  It was very pretty.  An older man was sitting on a bench in front of the lake reading a paper.  His name was Steven and we got to talking because Jada, just by standing and observing, all of the ducks and the bird decided to get back in the water or fly away.  The man sitting there saw Jada and said, “Oh…she’s scaring the birds away.”  Jada approached him and smelled the man’s hand as he held it out for her to sniff.  He knew right away she was a pitbull and acknowledged how people think pitbulls are vicious when they are NOT.

A short conversation with him I found out his name is Steven and originally from Manhattan, New York and has been here since the 60s.  He is very much into fitness and shared some pretty cool fitness tips.  We agreed that nutrition is a huge factor in health and also people’s energy or vibe can contribute to your mental health and to make sure to stay clear of toxic people.  He was a very nice man that also told me about some awesome trails in Marin and some stairs to climb!   I asked him if I could take a photo of him and blog about him and he said yes.  Thanks Steven!!  Human interaction is lacking nowadays. We thanked each other for the brief conversation and agreed that humans need to do that more!

Jada and I then jogged back to the car and headed home after I took some pictures of her by the windmill!  It was a beautiful!


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