Dear Daly City Fog, GO AWAY!!!

By on July 25, 2017

If you live in Daly City or parts of San Bruno, Pacifica, and San Francisco you will understand when I say to people, “Enjoy the sun and warmth because we never see it!”  Well, we do, but not as often as just about everywhere else in the Bay.  I really hate driving in from Burlingame where my sister lives and heading north on 280 and just seeing the fog literally “sitting” on top of ALL of Daly City!!  This is pretty much all year long weather and then the temperature will drop like 15-20 degrees.  Yes, 5 minutes out of Daly City is like driving out from the North Pole to the Bahamas when I go from my house to my sister’s house.  C’mon KARL, can’t you just give us a break?? Karl, is actually the name that was given to the fog in San Francisco that creeps into MY TOWN!!!  Go away Karl..anywhere but Daly City!! 

(The intersection of Hickey Blvd. and Skyline Blvd.  Daly City and Pacifica border.)



My family used to live in the Glen Park district of San Francisco and my father loved that we moved to Daly City because my dad loved cooler weather and really didn’t care much about the sun as he never went out lol!  He liked to stay home all day while my mother, sister and I LOVED to go out and explore sunnier places.  I mean c’mon, sometimes the fog is so thick it’s like driving through miles and miles of cotton balls!



(Here’s a photo of the kite my daughters’ and I were flying around at Gellert Park in Daly City in the middle of summer.)

While the rest of the Bay Area is in the middle of heatwaves, Daly City is just there, chillin’, literally!  I would often wish I was in those places where I can wear dresses, shorts, and tank tops instead of parkas, thermal long pants under my jeans, and few layers on top and a hoodie IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER!  Here are a few photos of my summers… Enjoy the fog… OR NOT BECAUSE I SURE DON’T! LOL.  

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