Does this item spark joy? Are you tidying up the Marie Kondo way too?

By on January 25, 2019
CAMBRIDGE, MA – FEBRUARY 5: Marie Kondo, zen tidiness guru speaks in Japanese through an interpreter tells Claduia Logan and her daughter Otti,16, there is much joy in their dining room/ office. (Photo by Joanne Rathe/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

I am a recovering packrat.  It has been a long process.  I’m excited that I came across Marie Kondo.  Her method is unique to me because I never thought about asking myself if an item sparked joy?  If it doesn’t spark joy why keep it?  This is very important when it comes to clothing because I have a lot of it.  Before you decide to put it in the donation pile thank the item for it’s service so you can let it go.  I always felt guilty giving somethings away even though I never used them.  Marie’s way speaks to your emotions in the process, where someone like me would need in order to actually let go of something.  There is also a way to fold your clothes and put in drawers.  I have since incorporated this method just to try it and it really does save a lot of space and I can see everything upon opening up the drawer!  It is a work in progress but I’m excited about it.  I’m excited to let go of things.  In a few days I will dump all the clothes I have on my bed and start saying thank you and letting go.  Then when I am done I will move on to my books.  There is a method to this whole thing.  I’ll report back with pictures. Until then check out the video below and you’ll see what I mean.  Marie also has a Netflix show too and a few books.  I recommend checking them all out!


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