Driving with UBER can give you extra spending cash!

By on September 7, 2018

Driving with UBER has some pretty cool aspects:  You put your own schedule together and that’s because you’re your own boss!  If you feel like driving a few hours, GREAT.  If you feel driving for the day, GREAT!  If you feel like not driving, GREAT!

I interviewed Greg and he started driving for Uber in 2012 and drives when ever he wants to.  For a period of time he was averaging about $2500 a week and loved it!  He has eaten at all the best restaurants in SF and took a lot of vacations(mainly the Philippines)..Just doing stuff he normally couldn’t do if he had a normal 8-5pm office job 😂.

If you want some extra cash why not drive with UBER?  For more info go to www.UBER.com/drivenow.



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