Feeling Depressed?

By on May 23, 2017

I can only speak from experience.  I have always loved having a dog.  My rotteweiler, Stacy Von Halo, was just an angel.  She loved my kids.  She always told us when someone was at the door and if I had to get up in the middle of the night she’d get up too and walk me to the bathroom.  She was such a great companion she always seemed to know when I was sad too.  She would sit next to me if she knew I was depressed about something or if I was crying.  She passed away at age 14.  I didn’t get another dog until 2014.  I rescued my pitbull Jada Hazel Blue from the SF SPCA.  There is that saying, “Who rescued who?”  I would most definitely have to say she rescued me.  

Jada is so very well behaved and like Stacy is great in knowing when there is something wrong.  Jada would lay her head on my shoulder or lap if she senses that I am sad or have an energy about me that she reads as “Mom needs a hug or a little nudge of love.”  I am so very thankful for her.  I never feel alone.  As soon as I get home she ALWAYS greets me at the door!  Her tail wags like no tomorrow.  We go on walks and she is so great with my girls.  She brings my duaghters so much joy as well.  Here is an article that talks about how dogs can be theraputic for your soul.  Click here for the article.  

In the meantime here are photos of Jada and my family.  

Me and my awesome bulldog BFFs Marley and Cash!!!

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Cuddling with my mom in the morning. I love sleeping in her bed. Lol #pittielove #pitbull #pitbullrescue #sleepydog

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Everyday I would go with Mom to drop off my sisters to school. I always sit in the back with Lexi. Seeing them leave the car would make me sad. Lexi would give me kisses and hugs on the way. #pibblepride #bluenosepit #pitbullrescue #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbulls #pitbulllove #ilovemypitbull

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Sleeping next to my sister. We love cuddling together. #pitbullsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #pibblepride #pitbull #sleepytime #pitbullareawesome #bluenosepit

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