FRESKA’S FAVORITES: ZaZa Nail Salon in San Francisco

By on March 13, 2018
I had such a wonderful time today at ZaZa Nail Salon in San Francisco.  I had heard of this place through friends that have been coming for a long while.  They have a great line of all natural nail color that has no formaldehyde. I opted for the gels.  Right when I walked in I was excited to see the place.  It was very clean and most definitely NOT one of those run of the mill type of nail salons that just tape the nail colors to a piece of cardboard and ask you what color you want and shuffle you to a chair only to wait 25 mins because its overcrowded.  
Zaza’s was the complete opposite of those nightmare salons I have been to.  Zaza’s even offers wine while you are having your nails done!!  They have happy hours too!!  How cool!   I had hot tea and sat in a recliner!  All of their chairs are recliners and they have pillows to make yourself comfortable.  They always asked how I was doing during my service.  It truly is a lounge type of atmosphere.  I have been to nail salons where I felt like a number and the salon didn’t seem to care about me and the service was poor.  I didn’t experience that at Zaza’s.  They make an effort to build a relationship with their clients.  
Tram is who worked on my nails and she was gentle yet cleaned, shaped, and colored my nails very well!!  I have gone to other salons that have cut me, have even made my cuticles (hands and feet) bleed and one nail tech even slapped my hand when I asked her kindly to reshape my nails as I was not satisfied!!!  I was so happy to know that Tram knew what she was doing and was very polite and my nails didn’t take long to do.  It was a cold day and I was happy to be sipping on my green tea while getting my nails done. 
I met my friends there and we got our nails done together.  Renee even got her eyebrows waxed after they looked really nice!!  Maria’s nails turned out amazing as well.  
I got to chat with the owner Rachel for a little while and she was telling me some inside tips on gels and other types of services.  I asked her if she would be willing to talk to me when I come back and interview her so she can give us some cool nail tips!  She said sure thing!  Take a look at the photos and my video.  It’s a cute place and our nails came out FREAKING AWESOME!!!  Thank  you ZaZa Nail Salon!  Definitely one of Freska’s Favorites!!  
After, a few of us went to eat Ramen and showed off our nails. lol!
543 2nd St
San Francisco, CA 94107

b/t Federal St & Park Ave 
South Beach


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