My Container Store Closet

By on February 20, 2020

My closet was a complete disaster before I got my make over from the Container Store.  It really is the best organizational project that has taken place in my home.  I want to share what it looked like before vs. what it looks like now.  As you can see, it is worlds apart and has made my life so much easier.  One of my friends said, “Oh wow!  You still had room for your ironing board!!”  We both laughed about it but I told her that was part of the design!  It fits all the way at the end on the left side of the closet.  There is a space between the wall and the shelving.  I told my designer Jenn that I needed a place for everything and she made sure to maximize EVERY square inch of that space.  I couldn’t be happier.  I wanted drawers so I could get rid of my dresser and voila!  DONE!   Time is running out to save 30% on your Elfa dream closet.  There’s still time.  Go in today and get your free design.  My closet is so organized and beautiful.  I can see my entire wardrobe at a glance!  Visit to get the perfect Elfa Closet for your space!


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