My dog chewed up my door lol !!

By on July 15, 2019

Yesterday when we came home we discovered that our dog was trying to do some construction.  She tried to create her own doggie door by chewing a hole in the door.  On the other side of that door are our bedrooms which includes her comfy dog bed.  She does have THE SAME dog bed in the living room though!

I need to do a better job of tiring her out and giving her enough physical exercise and more stimulating toys that she can’t annihilate.  She is a strong chewer by nature and I found a great chew toy for her but I need to get more!  It has been quite a challenge. She also does have anxiety which is why I don’t like boarding her.  I just recently found a few places that will let her actually play with other dogs so she can have some play time too.   Boredom and anxiety is a recipe for disaster.  We did have the TV on too to have some kind of comfort for her. I need to run our lavender essential oils too or calm classical music instead of the TV.

I have actually tried crate training her and it was soooo painful. A few of the dog behaviorists I have worked with think that she may have been abused in her crate as a pup. I didn’t adopt her till she was about 1 and she was found walking aimlessly in a bad part of town in San Francisco. Crate training was something they thought I shouldn’t do. She does have her own crate that she sleeps in sometimes but once I close the crate door and lock it she FREAKS OUT. Heavy salivating and high pitched barking to no end. We tried a :30 seconds and building it up but it was just horrible. I did this with a trainer too over a few weeks. I have a steal heavy duty crate too that can’t be chewed through. Maybe I haven’t associated it with comfort enough. I had gone through a few different plastic crates and wire crates before getting the steal one.  I will definitely try the thunder shirt!! My dog is 6 now so not sure if this is more boredom than anxiety. Yes lucky she didn’t hurt herself!!

Anyway, this isn’t completely her fault nor am I blaming her for it.  I found it funny just so I could process this even though it isn’t a laughing matter when you get down to WHY she did it.  Unfortunately, I have to get a new door.  Luckily she didn’t eat the door and just left the pieces there and it was a cheap hollow door made of particle board so she didn’t jack up her mouth or gums or hurt herself!  Looking into a solid doors too and getting a camera so I can see what she is up to!  I love you Jada!!


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