My favorite green tea

By on February 10, 2020

Do you drink tea?   I actually love drinking green tea and it took me a while to find the one that I really like.  I started with the one on the left which is just plain green tea powder and it is NON GMO.  It gives me the opportunity to sweeten it the way I want to which I do with raw honey and I add vanilla almond milk.   I can also regulate how much powder I want in it too.  When I ran out of it.  I bought the package in the middle which was already sweetened.  I did not like the taste and it was too sweet so I just left the bag in my cabinet.  I need to just dispose of it.  When I went to Sprouts my favorite bag of powder was sold out so I got the package on the far right from Ujido.  I thought it would be the same thing or similar because it said sugar free and didn’t really look at the box thoroughly.  I knew it would come in packets but it is also pre sweetened.  I know now that no matter what, for me, it has to be just the powder.  It isn’t horrible.  I just needed to add more water and it was ok.

I heard that green tea had it’s health benefits and so I looked it up.  When I first started drinking green tea I found that it had many antioxidants and it doesn’t stain teeth like other teas.  I loved that!   There are so many other benefits.  I can only speak for myself but I love green tea.  MY FAVORITE IS UJIDO MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER  in a bag which is non-gmo.

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