Now my boyfriend is “fixing” my toilet paper the “wrong way” at my house!

By on January 23, 2019
Toilet paper roll on grey wall

The debate regarding toilet paper: over or under still lives on.

Ok.  First.  I know this is not the end of the world nor is it the most important subject to talk about BUT (lol) it is an interesting topic about relationships and the funny habits of each partner.

This is actually a part 2 discussion regarding  the different quirky things about me and my boyfriend.

He likes the toilet paper under the roll and I like it over the roll.  Many people say (and have actually included the patent for toilet paper) over the roll is the correct way.  That was how it has always been in every establishment and friends’ homes that I have been to UNTIL my boyfriend. LOL.

I thought he set it incorrectly the first time I saw it and I was in fact tampering with his set of ways when I “fixed” it.  When I used his bathroom at a later date it was back under the roll.  I figured that’s how he liked it so I left it alone.  He did ask me afterwards if I changed it and I said yes.  I went on to explain that I thought it was a mistake but know now that he prefers it the wrong way.  Hahaha.

This was quite a while ago but recently he was over my place and I noticed that my toilet paper was “changed” to the under the roll position.  Look, I love him and all but this is not right lol.  I didn’t make a fuss.  I changed it back to the way toilet paper was intended to be hung and didn’t even ask him about it. HOWEVER, if he does it again there will be consequences lol.  Maybe one less kiss that day.  That will show him who is boss.

I’m joking of course regarding consequences but some couples fight over these things which I think is just silly.



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