Raccoons are pooping on my porch in Daly City.

By on August 22, 2019
Four cute baby raccoon sitting on a deck at night

I think raccoons are really cute!  I want to hug them and play with them but when I have that thought I immediately think of that scene in the movie Elf when Buddy wants to hug one and it doesn’t go over so well lol!!

I have seen videos of people that have raccoons as pets and they are domesticated but those in the backyard may not be as friendly.  I know the ones that come to my back porch, which is right outside my bedroom, are loud at night.  Because we have some loose boards back there it makes things worse as they play around and jump on each other.  I know this because I have turned the lights on to shine it on them in hopes they would scatter away they could care less.  I have shined my cell phone light on them from the window of my backdoor and they come right up to the door to see what’s going on.

They drive my dog crazy with the noise and they are on each side of the door smelling each other.  My dog is always smelling the door even when the raccoons are not there because they like to poop on my porch too and it’s always next to my door!  I don’t understand this unless they are trying to play territory war with my pitbull Jada.  I have heard that raccoons have injured many dogs and I wouldn’t put either animal in that position to fight.  It really isn’t that serious plus raccoons are known to carry rabies among other serious diseases.

I joked about it on the air but I am really seriously considering spraying coyote urine around the outside of my house as that is the most humane way.    Coyotes are one of the raccoon’s biggest predators making their urine a beneficial repellent against them.  

If you have any raccoon stories I would love to hear them!  freska@koit.com.


Below is an article from the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley that talks about how we can coexist with our raccoon neighbors.



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