By on May 15, 2017

I started out my dog Jada on raw food this weekend.  I had always wanted to since I heard about the benefits of feeding raw instead of kibble but I was hesitant because I heard it was expensive and I had no idea how to even start.  Once I visited SF RAW I couldn’t believe how affordable it was!  Granted, I only have 1 dog and I can do an all raw diet it is better to feed some raw rather than no raw if you can afford it.   Of course, this is just my opinion and you can choose to feed your dog what ever you see fit but keep an open mind is all I ask.  What really made me take action was after I watched the pet food documentary “PET FOOLED”.  It’s on Netflix you should watch it!  It applies to cats too!  It really gave me a VERY different outlook on the pet food industry.  I had no idea it isn’t a regulated industry!! Here is the trailer of the movie.



A few months ago I happened to be walking Jada at the park and came across this woman and her 2 terriers. She told me that they were both almost 15 years old!  I would have never guessed!!  Her dogs had the most pep in the world.  This woman was only one of a handful of pet owners I met that told me firsthand about how their pets have had few health issues and live long lives.  She told me to go to SF RAW and explained that they will help me get started!  So that’s what I did.


I decided that this past weekend was going to be the weekend I was going to start my Pitbull Jada on raw food.  She had been so uninterested in her kibble for weeks and quiet honestly off and on for months over the years. As soon as I put her raw green tripe mix in her food bowl with a scoop of yogurt with sheep milk Jada gobbled it up!!  The only thing about this particular mix is that it stinks!  It is well worth it though because she loves it and it so much healthier for her.  I actually feed her in the garage or on the porch lol! 



SF RAW is so knowledgeable and so very patient in educating pet owners that are new to the raw world.  They showed me the freezers and also how they make the grinds and they also have classes as well!   I’ll keep you updated on how Jada is doing.  I will introduce her to raw beef next week!  I am so excited and so is Jada!!  


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