There are 4 Bay Area American Ninja Warriors Competing Monday!

By on July 12, 2019
LAFAYETTE, CO – May 8: Lisa Cavanaugh is in spider jump of American Ninja Warrior style obstacles courses. Ninja Nation will open in Lafayette on June 30th. Ninja Nation will be offering classes and developmental programming or adults and kids. (Photo by Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Monday is a big day for the Bay Area!  American Ninja Warriors will have 4 local competitors competing:

  1. Verdale Benson of Concord
  2. David Campbell of Scotts Valley
  3. Brian Kretsch of Alamo
  4. and Seth Rogers Pleasanton —

They have advanced to the City Finals round of the competition, which kicks off in Los Angeles. The show will air on NBC at 8pm Monday, July 15.



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