A product of his environment this pitbull made an amazing behavioral transformation!!

By on July 24, 2019
Blue Nose Pit Bull Terrier at rest.

I had to show this video because I am a pitbull owner and it brings me to tears that people think this wonderful breed is so viscous by nature.   These dogs are the sweetest most loving breed.  Bad owners can make ANY dog bad or aggressive.  Take for instance the dog in the video below.  His name is Diesel and was abused by his male owner which conditioned Diesel to be afraid of men.  He would react aggressively because his environment taught him that in order to survive the abuse he needed to protect himself, much like humans do.  When you take away the trigger, in this case removing him from the toxic owner, Diesel thrived and was able to reshape his feelings towards men and life and he became the sweetest dog!  Pitbulls are so misunderstood because of bad owners that do not give their dogs the right loving care and sets up the dog to fail.

"Aggressive" Pit Bull Becomes The Biggest Love Bug

Watch this “aggressive” pit bull turn into the sweetest lap dog in just a few days!

Posted by The Dodo on Friday, February 15, 2019

I am a proud owner of a wonderful loving pitbull.  I adopted her from the San Francisco SPCA.  She was found homeless wandering the streets of the city.  Luckily the SF SPCA is a non-kill shelter because pitbulls are the most euthanized breed in the country. It is hard to adopt them out because of the bad reputation that has been cast upon them because of horrible owners and environments.  This includes owners that just look for money and breed them and sell the pups to people that have no business owning any kind of dog and even more so a bully breed.   It is no doubt that horrible owners contribute to the stigma these dogs have as they have been used to fight because they are strong and easy to train as they are intelligent dogs too.  Their best attributes are often exploited negatively and those stories are the ones that go viral or get media attention.

The media needs to do a better job and show this breed in a more positive light which can and will eventually change the mindset of society, at least that’s what I believe.   Society needs to be educated on the bad owner and have stricter laws  and consequences regarding animal abuse and dog fighting of any kind along with puppy mills.  I am sorry for those that were ever harmed by a pitbull.  I know there are those stories too, so I do need to make mention of that.  However, we cannot ignore that most often there is a horrible owner behind that dog’s emotional instability.   Most often those dogs that bite or have attacked humans were often abused or never trained by responsible owners to have manners.  I have been bitten by a chihuahua and a dachshund.  Both dogs had the same owner and the same temperament because the owner never did anything to teach the dog any better.  Imagine that same aggression in a pitbull however no matter the breed it is the same responsibility on the owner.

Pitbulls are extremely loving, smart and loyal!!  The next time you come across a pitbull or any dog observe the owner too.  For example, if you are at the dog park observe how attentive the owner is.  It will tell you a lot about the dog.  I parallel this with parents and their children.  Sometimes unruly children at the park do not have an attentive adult supervising him or her and making sure that the child is  being polite to other children.  At the dog park some owners will just be on their phones or socializing instead of watching their dog.  My pittie had been bitten by a small terrier dog.  Luckily the owner and I were right there next to the dogs as it happened in a matter of seconds and we were able to separate them.  She saw that my pitbull did not provoke her small terrier and she apologized.  Had she not been attentive and had there not been witnesses to my dog’s patience and mellow temperament my Jada probably would have been to blame simply because she is a pitbull.

Below are some great videos that will just melt your heart and give you even more compassion and love for this beautiful breed.  The video of Diesel is inspiring.  Two of the videos are of pitbull K-9’s.  Another video is a story of the a pitbull that saved a women from being beaten by her husband and the very last video is of my dog Jada and her sweet bulldog friends that have since passed away Marley and Cash.

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