This lawnmower might be faster than your motorcycle!

By on July 12, 2019

My cousin Ed and many of my friends tease me because my bike is only a 250cc and they would often refer to my bike as a lawnmower.  Well, it prompted me to look up how many lawnmowers my bike equals lol.  Anyway, I’m clicking away and thought of looking up what the fastest lawnmower is and I found the below video.

Honda’s Mean Mower can go 0-100 mph in 6.29 seconds which is the Guiness Book Of World Records as the fastest Lawnmower.  It actually does cut grass too!  It’s part of the rule that it has to look like a lawnmower and actually cut grass. The top speed of the Mean Mower is 150 mph.  It has a 4 cylinder, 200 horsepower engine that you could also find in Honda’s Fireblade Superbike.  Below you will also find a video of the late Nicky Hayden riding the Fireblade (Rest In Peace Nicky).

So yes this lawnmower does leave my 250 Kawasaki Ninja in the dust given that off the bat it’s a 1000cc’s!!  How fun is that!  Anyway, I thought it was really fun to research and compare.  Most of the comparisons I found though were of bikes going 0-60 mph and not to 100 mph.

I might need to upgrade to this lawnmower plus it’s dual purpose.  I can ride to work and cut grass on the side too!  Hustle time.

An old photo but one of my favorite rides…


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