Turning into Gamora for Halloween

By on October 31, 2019

My first attempt at Gamora of Guardians of the Galaxy did not get very far.  I was testing the green I got from Mehron.  It was not quite the green I was going for.  It was super easy to apply but a shade or two off.  It reminded me of MASK with Jim Carrey or even the Wicked Witch of the West.   LOL!  Here’s a short one minute video of how that went down.


I did research on what make up line Marvel used in the movies and it was several different shades mixed together with the MAC brand.  I have used that brand before but wanted to go with a more economical option and went with Mehron but since I went wrong with choosing the color online,  my friend suggested going to the Kryolan store in San Francisco on Union Street.

I’m glad I went over there because I ended up buying 5 new shades of green by Kryolan to complete this look.  I was actually there for no more than 20 minutes!  It was super affordable and many people actually go there to also get movie and stage make up.  My friend also uses their make up for Dia De Los Muertos!

Applying the make up was a challenge because I don’t have much experience with liquid for almost EVERYTHING an entire look and  I didn’t have all the right brushes.  I kept smearing the green base when I was trying to apply the contour.  It got to a point when I realized this was as good as it was gonna get and just move on.

One of my best friends, Din, came over and helped paint my body and arms and gave me pointers on what else I should do with the colors.  She was a life saver.  It would have takin me forever to paint my arms because I had to leave for work and we did this in about an hour.

Here is the list of green shades I bought so you can get an idea of what I used in case you want to recreate the look.  Have fun and Happy Halloween!

Kryolan Aqua Color:

  • 730 for the base green I used for face and body
  • 534 for the highlight
  • 042 for contour

Kryolan Supra Color:

  • 095 for lips
  • and Silver Green


I applied the above by with a MAC brush #190 which is great for cream or liquid applications.  The Kryolan products came in these little paint pots that are activated by spraying water them and taking the brush over it to grab the color and then apply.

Eye Shadow:

  • MAC Humid A12 for contour (not pictured)
  • Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette Golden for shimmer on lid (not pictured)

I’m not a professional make up artist obviously but I tried and it was still fun!! 

Happy Halloween!

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