What Niner Faithfuls had to say about where a parade should be

By on January 23, 2020


Where do I start?

There has been plenty of talk about a potential parade for the Niners if they win the Big Game. I recently asked people what they thought about the situation. I also wanted to be fair and ask people that lived in San Francisco and Santa Clara or the South Bay. While the majority of people who responded said San Francisco there were some interesting responses! Some were very upset that it was even a debate while some were more kind in their responses. There were a few comments siting that San Francisco is too dirty to have a parade and fans would have to dodge poop and needles on the side walk. Some claimed that Santa Clara didn’t have a downtown to parade through in comparison to San Francisco. Some got really creative too in saying that a parade should just be from San Francisco all the way down to Santa Clara!!

Here are some of the responses. Keep in mind that because I received hundreds of responses I condensed them and those I feature below are not necessarily a response to the previous statements.  I also sprinkled in some photos of Niner fans across the Bay!!! These photos are not associated with the authors of the comments either it’s just COOL!

Anthony:  “They decided to move to Santa Clara and have been there a few years so it should take place in the city that they play in and since they are no longer in San Francisco they should change their name just like the rest of the NFL teams that have moved”

Randy:  “Pats play in Foxboro but are from Boston, giants play in east Rutherford but are from NY, cowboys play in Arlington but are from Dallas. So maybe don’t comment if you don’t know.”

Valerie:  “[Exactly] where will everyone park for an event in Santa Clara. Warriors and Giants parades had 1 million in attendance. It should takes place off of our Bart system and accommodate the fans that are attending. Its bad enough we have to play in Santa Clara and not our teams city.”

Eddie:  “Valerie Spears maybe they should have put up the money for them to stay then. To bad so sad they ain’t in Frisco anymore”

Pacey: “If the New York Jets won, they wouldn’t have it in New Jersey”

Danny:  “exactly the NY Giants did win…and didn’t have it in Jersey. Definitely SF.”

John:  “The NY Giants play in New Jersey but when they won the super bowl the parade was in Times Square… SF it is… if they win”

Michael:  “Santa Clara, that’s where the stadium is…They turned their back on San Francisco when they moved to Santa Clara…”

AnneMarie:  “San Francisco!!!! We’re the SF Niners. Going down Market is tradition 🙂 Plus, when the Super Bowl was here, Super Bowl City was in SF.”

Medwin:  “Santa Clara has claim, but I think it just weird to have it there and it won’t positively affect the businesses there. The tech companies would just have no access… the strip shopping centers would all just have parking lots full with drunks and no business. People say also then San Jose.. San Jose has no claim.   I think business wise, logistically and because they’re still actually called the San Francisco 49ers… SF would be the place!”

Nick:  “More than likely San Francisco has the Resources to put on a big parade… and tons of tourists… but they should change the name to Santa Clara 49ers lol. It’s no where near sf”

Steve:  “Inside Great America”

Jose: “San Jose”

Jacelyn:  “Santa Clara should be cleaner”

Eddie:  “Whose taxes help pay for a place for them to play. Hhmmm guess you know where the parade should be.”

My favorite has to be from Lyle:   It should start in sf., and end in Sc

What an incredible idea or maybe go the other direction”

Mikey Mike: “They should start it from Santa Clara and end up in San Francisco.”

Alex echoed that idea with:  “How about a 49 mile parade down El Camino Real?”

There are other NFL teams that also do not play in the city in which their franchise is associated with and fans on both ends of the spectrum have some valid feelings about it just like the above.  I do believe that the parade should be in the city in which the team claims. But what would be the ultimate is combining what Alex, Lyle, and Steve said and have a 49 mile parade route starting in San Francisco and ending in Santa Clara going down El Camino all the way and end up at Great America right next to Levi’s Stadium.  Niner fan Troy jokingly suggested shutting down 101 from San Francisco to Santa Clara!  LOL!  There would be plenty of parking and you can get there by train and light rail.  Ok, so it’s cheesy and totally unrealistic but right now it’s a fantasy like Fantasy Football so let some of us have this fantasy potential parade that satisfies both sides of the spectrum and includes other cities that will get to see the Niners parade through it.  Yes, I know, security and all that stuff would be complicated with multiple agencies involved.  I’ve thought of that but this is a hypothetical fantasy potential parade I’m planning remember?  Ha!!  Seems like a fun super long day parade but who cares at the end it’s a peaceful celebration with the 49ers, fireworks, food, fun, parking and we get to ride the Gold Striker and Psycho Mouse with all of the other San Francisco 49er Fans!!!  FAITHFULS!

Listen, I know that the Big Game hasn’t even happened and this is all premature but people can’t deny that Niner fans want to see a parade happen and  it is VERY possible it will.  What is also a fact is where ever it is NINER NATION will show up in droves!!  I wanted to thank those that commented on my social media platforms and that also let me put pictures up of when they were at the games!  The feeling is electrifying right now!!  LET’S GO NINERS!!!

Here are some awesome photos of 49er Faithfuls at games at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara and a few at The Stick back in the days.  Photos of tailgates, fans in the stands, fans with their families, with players and VIP EXPERIENCES even some old school ones from the 80’s!  If you want to send me photos of you and your family to post in a future blog before the Big Game please send them to me at Freska@KOIT.com with links too if possible if it’s on Instagram.  I lost track of some of the tags because it got buried in my feed.  I’m sorry about that!! I want to feature you!!   Please also include a little blurb about  your favorite memories regarding the 49ers and what city you are from.  It could be photos at a game or at home or at a watch party for the Niners too!! Thank again everybody!!  Enjoy the photos and videos! Oh and listen to me on 96.5KOIT!!  Afternoons 3-8pm Monday to Friday!  



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