With so much traffic in the Bay how about commuting by hovercraft?

By on June 17, 2019
A coast guard hover craft travelling at a high rate of speed.

How frustrated are you with how long your commute hours are? Some people in the Bay Area commute close to 3-4 hours a day maybe even more which would total approximately 20 hours a week in transit. I know sometimes my friends and I dream about being able to fly to work or teleport. While teleporting to work isn’t a thing yet…flying as part of your commute might soon be a reality. It isn’t quite flying in the traditional sense where you are thousands of feet in the air. I’m talking about a hovercraft.

Hovercrafts are used in England to get commuters from place to place and it has access to places that ferries don’t because it doesn’t have the same infrastructure like docking and marinas. It also is uses less gas than boats as it isn’t pushing water out of the way but rather flying/cruisng over the water.

A few Bay Area leaders along with tech company Hovr are teaming up to hopefully make this idea into reality and get commuters where they need to get with less of an impact on the environment.

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